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NovoDS the integrated digital signage solution by Vivitek.

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These days, public information needs to be delivered quickly and accurately
NovoDS Solution offers a very affordable, network-based digital signage solution which is ideal for creating dynamic visual displays for corporate or public spaces. Digital signage content can incorporate text, photos, audio, video, and web content in fully customizable configurations for a variety of environments. Easy to use, NovoDS Solution offers the convenience of updating content over the network or using a microSD card.
Flexible, easy-to-create layouts
Thanks to drag-and-drop template customization and highly intuitive playlist editing, it’s so easy to use that even non-technical staff members will feel at ease. The list of applications is endless and the solution is easy with NovoDS4K, NovoDS and NovoDSmini.
Open software API
To accommodate custom applications requiring machine-to-machine communication between IT systems, AV systems, and more, NovoDS provides an Open Software API. By granting developers an easily accessible means of transmitting requests to their NovoDS device, organizations can greatly enhance the possibilities of their digital signage deployment.
NovoDS Cloud
For remote device and content management over the internet. This easy-to-use, role-based cloud service enables administrators, publishers, and designers to manage playlists, set up devices, create users accounts, and more from anywhere with an internet connection. NovoDS can be deployed as a public cloud solution or on their own server.
For NovoDS customers interested in NovoDS Cloud, they can visit and register for a free trial.
Create dynamic visual display and deliver public information in a flash!
Download your NovoDS guide for free!
NovoDS Solution provides easy to manage digital signage creation that perfectly fits corporate and public spaces needs and expectations. This cable-free presenting saves time, prevents confusion and misinformation.

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